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Tracking my fitness has become a major pain. Most Workout of the Day tracking apps are clunky and don't account for the nuance most routines call for. I need one that is simple to use, allowing me to track my fitness progress.


  • Need to be able to track daily workouts
  • Each workout would contain multiple routines
  • Each routine's results should be tracked individually
  • Ability to track results of individual routine over time
  • Interesting cumulative statistics would be fun (i.e. You've done 800 total pull ups this year)
  • There are a couple dozen workouts people typically do (well known), would be great if they'd be pre-programmed in the app.

Suggested Solution

Users can create workout routines against each day that consist of exercise movements (pushups, thrusters, running, etc…), routine type (amrap, emom, rft, etc…), and their workout results. They can then compare their results with previous workouts of similar structure, as well as keep track of Personal Records.