11 customers, each paying $22 per month

I run into news site paywalls every single day. I’d gladly pay $30/month for great journalism, but that adds up when I frequent five different sources. I’m looking for a more cost effective way to never see a news paywall again.


Requirements are easy - make it so I don't run into another news paywall, and so that I only have to pay <$30/month.

Suggested Solution

  • Chrome Extension that caches articles other people using the product have seen. This feels very Napster-like, but I'd use it.
  • Netflix-like service where a single app already licenses all the content I'd want.
  • Similar to Sling TV's pricing tiers could be interesting. They offer multiple packages and each one has a different set of networks you get with that package.
  • Similar to texture.com, but for news.
  • Not exactly like blendle.com b/c they only have curated articles.