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Deep learning is having a major impact across every major industry, but for a software engineer, the only real tutorials you see are for generic use-cases - eg train imagenet, etc - nothing industry specific.


I wish there was a way to learn how deep learning is used in specific industries like autonomous vehicles, drug discovery, energy, drones, medical imaging. And besides just learning the use-case, I want to be able to follow step-by-step tutorials showing what the work actually looks like.

  • Learn about how deep learning is used across industries from practitioners.
  • Get tutorials that I can follow which show a full use-case in that industry.

Suggested Solution

A weekly/monthly newsletter where a deep learning expert is interviewed, and a industry-specific tutorial is published.

Example - "DeepChem founders interviewed this week. Here's a tutorial where you learn about the steps of drug discovery, and build a model to identify..."