1 customer paying $25 per month

I've tried budget and finance apps but none of them stick. I think it's because it's just pie charts and bar graphs that don't get with me on an emotional level. I wish there was something that gamified saving money for me.


  • Plugs into my bank account and pulls spending (credit and checking).
  • Visualization/simulation showing where I'm spending money.
  • Game that incentivizes me to save money.

Suggested Solution

I imagine the best way to do this would be to have a sort of game or simulation, similar to something like RimWorld or Dwarf Fortress, where each category of spending and saving is given a spatial position on a world. Money would be represented by sprites, and the more money you have put aside for some category, the larger that category gets. e.g., if you save 500 dollars a month for retirement, the retirement area / town would grow by 500 "people" and more buildings would appear.

Essentially, I want my finances to be turned into something that feels more like a game or simulation, so that I am more inclined to save towards positive goals and less inclined to spend frivolously (e.g., if you spent money on a movie ticket, 20 of your little characters would die and be sent to a "spending graveyard").