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I have excel / google sheets which contain lots of company names, but I need to add their URL on a separated column. If you right click on click on "insert link" google sheets will do a query and find the url and insert it on top of the company name, but i need it to be on a separated column and to be done automatically for hundreds of company names.


  • Given a spreadsheet of hundreds of company names, create an extra column of URLs.
  • As I add more company names to the spreadsheet, it needs to automatically find the company URL.

Suggested Solution

  • Setup a Google Script to search company name to URL.
  • Edit the Blockspring function to actually work (it doesn't with Bing).

Special Considerations

I may need to pay for an additional subscription to the data service that does the lookups (eg Bing, Google, etc). Please let me know if this is the case.