2 customers, each paying $5 per month

My consulting company has a huge problem that people forget what they did last week when they do their time tracking late. Also time tracking is just a horrible tedious chore we all hate. Today, people do their time tracking by going back through their calendar and emails to remember which portion of the day they were working on which projects.


There must be a nice way of helping the assignment of time to projects/tasks as we leave a huge amount of clues in our emails, slack chats, google drive changes, and google calendar events.

  • Integrate into Google Calendar, Gmail, Drive, and Slack.
  • Display predicted hours by client to make manual time tracking easier.

Suggested Solution

  • Integrate into Calendar (assign meeting to projects), Gmail (see who you sent email to and allocate time), Drive (look at which files you spent time on and assign time), and Slack (look at how much time spent on specific Slack team).