1 customer paying $50 per month

I want an Arq Backup clone for Linux. Arq backup is great for making automatic, deduplicated backups to my own cloud storage but they don't have support for Linux.


  1. Support for backups to GCP Nearline/Coldline, AWS S3/Glacier and Backblaze B2 at a minimum. Prefer Google Drive, Dropbox, SFTP and NAS as well.
  2. Optional end-to-end encryption using a client-side password and secure handling for that password.
  3. Performant and accurate deduplication for efficient storage.
  4. Backup validation with a scheduler (i.e. every 30 days).
  5. Backup scheduling (i.e. every hour, every x hours, every day, every week).
  6. Backup size budget and retention settings (e.g. don't save more than 10TB on the remote host, delete file copies older than 90 days, etc).
  7. Network settings to control upload and download bandwidth.
  8. Email alerts for backup status after completion.

Suggested Solution

Just like Arq backup but with support for linux.