We want to replace our accounting and bookkeeping vendor with something simpler and less expensive. Currently using inDinero for bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting support.


  • Imports line items from SVB and Chase every few days.
  • Auto-categorizes line items into common accounting categories (can provide list).
  • Monthly dashboards highlighting revenues / expenses.
  • Drill-down capability on expenses and revenues.
  • Handles all taxing needs for our startup, with accountant to answer one-off questions.
  • Holds onto important documents so we don’t have to reenter info each tax season.

Suggested Solution

Migrate us to Quickbooks and build a service layer on top. That might include a Slack channel where we get accounting questions answered (you provide the accountant), categorize line items when needed, and answer questions/upload files for taxes.

Special Considerations

Since this product will consume sensitive company and financial data, and submit our taxes, we’ll look for more established founders or ones that have operated in the space before. Also, we’ll want an accountant experienced with VC-backed tech startups.