Frequently Asked Questions

What is DemandRush?

DemandRush connects developers to vetted customers that are ready to subscribe to new products.

What's the difference between DemandRush and contracting?

Contractors charge fees for one-off projects. DemandRush, on the other hand, is about kickstarting SaaS products. Developers own the products they build for customers, and charge a monthly fee for access.

I submitted a problem - what happens next?

Over the next 14 days, developers will be able to apply to solve your problem. You'll get a list of applications and a recommendation of who to choose.

If no developers respond, you may want to increase the monthly subscription you'd be willing to pay or bring on someone else you know that might have the same problem as you.

What if my solution doesn't get built?

If the product isn't built, like with Kickstarter, subscribers do not get charged.

What kind of products can be built?

Submit your problem and let the developers get creative with a solution. For instance, if you're spending too much time copying data into Excel at work - that can be automated. If taking inventory at your restaurant takes too long because it's on pen and paper, that may be automated with a camera app. Apps, chrome extensions, APIs, automating data collectionare all fair game.

How do I solve a problem as a developer?

Choose a problem you're interested in and apply to solve it. Pre-subscribed customers get to choose a developer/startup to work with on their problem. If you're chosen, it's off to the races to build an MVP.

How do you make money?

We take a small % of the initial three month pre-subscription.